From North to South




D1 : Tirana.

Landing at the Tirana "Mother Theresa" international airport. There, you will be greeted and guided to your hotel.

Overnight stay in Tirana.


D2 : Shkodra.

Let's start this trip by heading to Shkodra. Former capital city of Illyria, this town offers a variety of cultural monuments to discover, starting with its fortress and its legend. The Marubi photograph library, a true treasure from the XIXth century and the gorgeous buildings decorating this lovely town are also two must-visit. Discovery of the town.

Overnight stay in Shkodra.


D3 : Kruja-Durrës

After breakfast, we will start our journey with the visit of Kruja. This small town once was the capital city of the country. There, you will learn about the story of Skanderbeg, the national hero, thanks to a visit of his fortress, become a museum of his story. In Kruja, we will also visite the etnographic museum, and the old bazaar, famous in the whole country.

The next stop will be Durrës. Its roman amphitheater and its archeological museum are the witnesses of the the importance Durrës used to have during the Antiquity. The town also is the entrance of the Via Egnatia, the roman road linking Rome to Byzantium, crossing the Balkans starting from Durrës.

Overnight stay and diner in Durrës.


D4 : Elbasan-Korca

The first stop today is Elbasan. You will find there what was once a major trade crossroad, during the Antiquity, and one of the principal towns in the Ottoman period. The communist era provided it a huge steel complex, "the communist dictator pride".

Then, we will head to Korça, francophile town hosting a beautiful museum of medieval art, famous for its orthodox icons. Korça used to be a major town under the Albanian patriotic renaissance. 

The love serenades, typical of the town, will liven up your nights.

Overnight stay in Korça.


D5 : Gjirokastra.

The city of stone will reveal the wealth for which it got classified as UNESCO World Heritage. Ismail Kadare's work "The fall of the stone city" will give you more details about the author's hometown. Actually, his house even became a museum. Paradoxically, Enver Hoxha, the communist dictator, also comes from this town.  Visit of one of the typical houses of Gjirokastra, and of its beautiful fortress.

Accomodation in a charming hotel, respecting the traditional architectural style of the town.


D6 : Butrint-Saranda.

Butrint National Park is one of the wonders of the World. First Albanian site to become UNESCO classified, Butrint is a picturesque park. The monuments of this site offer a nice panorama of the passage of the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians. The variety of the fauna and flora of the park, as well as it romantic landscape finish making this place seem like a piece of paradise.

Then, we will take the direction of Saranda, facing the greek island of Corfu. Saranda is a modern seaside town, with a lovely promenade along the sea.

Overnight stay in Saranda.


D7 : Riviera – Vlora.

The road towards the Riviera is surrounded by olive trees and typical small villages of this region of Albania. The show offered by the small turquoise coves of the Ionnian Sea becomes irresistible. The famous Ali Pacha of Tepelena had a castle built here, on a peninsula, in the middle of the blue. We will visit it in order to learn more about this story.

We will then take the road to Vlora. There, you will find a better understanding of the saying going like "Being proud like someone from Vlora" by visiting the town and its museum of Independance.

Overnight stay in Vlora.


D8: Apollonia- Berat.

The Roman emperor Gaius Octavius studied in Apollonia of Illyria. The various monuments of this town: the odeon, the bouleuterion, the promenade, the monumental center, the archeological museum, and to finish te orthodox monastery inside the park, will have you immersed in the Antiquity lifestyle.

We will continue this day towards the city of 1001 windows, called Berat. It was listed by the UNESCO as a piece of World Heritage. The little streets of the "kala" quarter, and the museum of the famous XVIth peinter Onufri will give you some unforgettable memories.

Overnight stay in Berat.


D9 : Back to Tirana.

And here we are, back in the capital city of Albania. With its brights colors and busy nightlife, Tirana is the nerve center of the country. By visiting the National Museum of History, you will have the opportunity to make a summary of the local history as well as your trip in Albania. Then, you will be able to visit all three must-see places of worship: the Et'hem Bey mosque, and the orthodox and catholic cathedrals. All three together will teach you more about the religious harmony prevailing in Albania.

Overnight stay in Tirana.


D10 : Tirana ‘’Mother Theresa ‘’ airport.

One last nice coffee at the "Mother Theresa" airport before catching your flight and the one left thing to do is telling you ‘’Mirupafshim’’.